Winter, and also book reviews and recipes are coming!

Welcome and thank you rapt audience of the few people who are looking at this right now for joining me here today. After too much coffee, maybe a bottle or two of wine and numerous recipes and reviews later I’ve decided to jump off the deep end and start a blog.

I guess I’ll start this off, as one does with a little bit about me (you know, as a person):

I’m incredibly happily married to my *high-school sweetheart* which if we’re all being honest, either annoys you or you think it’s overly cute. I on the other hand, generally don’t love telling people this little fact, but it’s true so there you have it. In all honesty, my husband is the reason I’ve been working on this blog. He’s my biggest cheerleader and has been nagging away at me to do this forever.

We have a great (and sometimes terrible) Jack Russell Terrier named Fitzgerald (Fitz) and we currently live in Texas. I have an incredible passion for reading, reviewing and cooking. Aside from traveling, these are a few of my favorite things! I spend probably way too many hours scouring the internet for recipes and for new books. Both of which are integral parts of my self-care routine and keep me sane.

I’ve spent the last many moons researching how to do a blog, what I want to say and what I want to do with it so bear with me if things get a little rocky to start. What I’d like to do with this blog is share recent reviews of books I’ve read and loved (and maybe some I haven’t loved) and share with you all a themed recipe that coincides with the read. While I may stray and do a few specialty recipes – most of what I cook is healthy, easy and generally made on work nights but delicious, hearty and well balanced at the same time. My blog is an attempted take on the old TBS, Dinner & a Movie but this time, it’s Christina’s Recipe & a Read!

Sharing your thoughts and opinions can be scary and gives you just the tiniest bit of insight into another person and who they are. There are so many out there that it’s an arduous process to find your voice and be unique in a world filled with so many wonderful and poignant voices. This is my attempt at making a little mark on the world with things that fill me with joy. I’m basically here to tell you about how great I think books are and how cooking and good, healthy food are good for the soul.

So buckle up folks – it’s bound to be at least entertaining.


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