Sneak Peek Sunday: The Night Before by Wendy Walker!


As another weekend comes to a close and as I curse the Monday Morning Blues, I can at least get excited about all the great books I have to read! Things have been incredibly busy for me recently but I always try to take at least a little bit of time out of each day to read. The ladies of Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee and I are bringing you another installment of Sneak Peek Sunday! A meme where we discuss books we are excited to be starting as a group, and our thoughts after reading the first few pages. 


This week, I’m featuring The Night Before by Wendy Walker. I discussed this book a few weeks ago on a Can’t Wait Wednesday post and let me tell ya’ll – I was right to be excited! There’s so little information out about this one (we don’t even have a cover!) that it really gripped me right from the start. I’m at about the 50% mark and things shot right of the gate at a fast moving pace and are only speeding up.

I’m absolutely loving the formatting of this one as well! There are so many interesting and layered elements at play here and I’m incredibly impressed with Walker’s writing and suspense building skill. I think I’ll be finishing this one off pretty quick because once you pick it up – it’s almost been impossible to put down! You’ll find yourself thinking about it while you have to do other things because the story is gripping and the mystery and suspense are thick.


From Goodreads:

Twelve hours earlier, she was…

Now she’s gone.

What’d I tell ya’ll? Not a lot to go on, but what I can tell you, it that flying blind on this one is the way to go! It’s thrilling and exciting and an absolute race-to-the-finish read that I can step away from!

What books do you have on the docket to finish or start this week and what do you think so far? Drop me a note in the comments and let me know!




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