Thoughtful Thursdays: Books That Stay!


What it do my dudes – happy Friday-Eve! Today is an exciting day, one of my best friends is coming up and another one is coming into town tomorrow! While this does detract from my reading time, it’s always nice to be surrounded by people we love *also I always find time to read – woe is my friends*. Anywho, on to today’s Thoughtful Thursday book topic – books that stay. I’ve covered meaningful books, book slumps, varying genres but I’ve not discussed books that once you read them, stay with you forever.

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Me, at home with my dog, talking to him about how great books are.

The list of things to love about reading is endless to me, but at the top has always been the way they’re able to touch so many individuals, speak to people from all walks of life, connect us to one another and take us anywhere we want to go. How you can’t get romantic about books is beyond me – there are so many mediums in which you can consume literature. Whether it’s e-books, physical copies or audio books there’s no shortage of ways to access stories that interest you.


I figured I’d start with a heavy-hitter: Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk. While most people have seen the movie (it’s amazing, if you haven’t) I’m often surprised by how many people haven’t read the book. I saw a quote about Palahniuk once: “Reading a Palahniuk novel is like getting zipped inside a boxer’s heavy bag while the author goes to work on you, pounding you until there is nothing left but a big bag of bones and blood and pain.”
The Miami Herald 

Now look, I get that, that doesn’t sound like a good time, but Palahniuk has a singular talent for new ways to craft shocking and intricate story lines. While he’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, I read this back in High School and it’s still one of my go-to recommendations if you’re looking for shock and awe. Past that, the writing is truly phenomenal and the story is a mind-fuck to say the absolute least.


Can’t have a list of books that stay with you without mentioning the Grandaddy himself! Naked by David Sedaris was the first full-length collection of his that I read. My high school English teacher had us read SantaLand Diaries in my Creative Writing class and it sparked my immediate interest. However, it wasn’t until I read Naked that Sedaris truly captured my interest forever more.

Sedaris has a truly unique voice and his empathy and humor literally leap off of every page and out of every story. He can truly capture any reader and has a way of connecting to those consuming his stories that truly boggle my mind. He is quirky, sassy and humorous while still dealing out life lessons with an incredibly deft hand. If you haven’t read any of his work, I can’t suggest it enough. He’s pretty much an auto-purchase for me!


Last, but certainly not least is Blackburn by Bradley Denton. I haven’t actually met anyone who has read this book, so if you’re out there let me know!! However, I found this book on a trip to Colorado in 2009 in a local bookstore. I can’t tell you what exactly made me pick it up because I’m honestly not a big fan of the anti-hero trope but I picked it up and it’s a book that hasn’t left me since then. I read it in a matter of 2 sittings and the story intrigued me so much that I haven’t forgotten it since.

Blackburn is a bit of a mixture of Dexter and American Psycho while also maintaining it’s own unique take on an old trope. There is a dry wit and humor in this read while also mixing in a lot of deep and ultimately sad emotions. I found Denton’s ability to pull at my emotional strings powerful and impressive. It doesn’t boast many reviews on Goodreads but I definitely suggest picking it up if you’re a fan of the anti-hero trope – and even if you’re not (like me) it was still a read that you wont soon forget!

Books got me like…

Have you read any of these titles, if so what did you think? What are some books that you’ve read that have stayed with you? Drop me a note in the comments and let me know!

14 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursdays: Books That Stay!”

  1. Interesting post! I listened to Sedaris’s memoir Calypso on audio and really enjoyed it. I’ll have to add Naked to my list of collections to check out next year.

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