Top 3 Thursday: Least Favorite Tropes!


Ah yes, another Friday-Eve. The excitement of the weekend is upon us but alas, we still have two whole, full work days ahead of us. How will we survive these last two days? Well, we’ll talk about books, read and dream of the uninterrupted reading bliss that is the *weekend*.

Today I wanted to contribute to another round of Top 3 Thursday! A meme hosted by A Cozy Reader that has ever changing topics for top 3 book related content. This weeks feature is “least favorite tropes” and is one I think we all can come up with at least a few that we’re tired of seeing! Remember to link up with A Cozy Reader if you participate! 

Some more sick dance moves added to my dance bank of enthusiasm. 

The “ugly = bad, attractive = good” trope.

giphy (1)

There’s nothing I find quite as irksome as using physical appearance to build someone up or tear them down. I find myself immediately turned off when I start reading a book and the beautiful, fit, straight-teethed, clear-faced character is the “good guy” and the ugly, gross, fat, pock-marked character is the “bad guy” (looking at you Rea Frey). I generally am not a fan of “Mary-Sue’s” as a trope all on its own but I find it EVEN WORSE when they make the antagonist a hideous monster. I don’t think physical appearance has nearly anything to do with whether you are a good person or not. I’ve know some seriously stunning people who are absolute and complete dumpster fires of a human being and their physical appearance didn’t make them any more appealing to me. While I do love fantasy, I want my characters grounded in at least a somewhat realistic base and this comes off completely flat for me.


giphy (2)

Ah yes, the dreaded ‘love at first sight’, ‘soul mate’, ‘one true love’ conundrum that plagues modern day literature. I’ve mentioned it in some of my other reviews but I am not a believer in literally any of these things. Look, I love the shit out of my husband. We’ve been together for over a decade, there’s literally no one else I could even imagine being with, HOWEVER, he isn’t the only person on this planet I’m probably compatible with. If ‘one true love’ is a thing – what happens if he dies and I get remarried or vise versa? Was our love not the real deal? No, I don’t think that’s the case. You find this a lot more in typical YA novels (and I’ll admit I can be a sucker for the dreaded love-triangle when done well) but love takes time to develop and grow – it does not happen when you make eyes at some hottie across the street. Sorry, not sorry ’bout it.

*Side-note: I actually really loved Twilight in high-school when the books came out (LOLOLOL) and me and my best friends have been slowly re-watching the movies when we’re together and it’s freakin’ HILARIOUS. If you do re-watch the movies, watch them with the subtitles on because I shit you not “sinister wooshing” plays across the screen at one point. 

Describing characters by equating them to modern-day celebrities.

giphy (3)
Could literally watch this movie six billion times.

Another trope I just can’t get past is when an author can’t just describe what a character looks like without calling them a “Heath Ledger look-alike”. I mean, the whole reason I’m reading a book, instead of watching a movie is because I want more detail, more finesse than a movie offers. If I want to watch Anne Hathaway or Heath Ledger I will go watch The Princess Diaries or A Knights Tale and once an author spoon feeds me what they’re supposed to look like it screws up my entire ability to read without bias. It’s kind of like in that episode of Game of Thrones where someone, for a completely unknown reason decided that throwing in Ed-freakin-Sheeran was a good idea. It completely took me out of that world, out of the moment and the scene and that’s how I feel when an author describes someone by telling us they look like someone else. No one actually looks like anyone else!!! 

 Anywho, those are my least favorite tropes! Do you like or dislike these? What are some tropes you’re tired of seeing? Drop me a note in the comments and let me know!

20 thoughts on “Top 3 Thursday: Least Favorite Tropes!”

  1. I cannot handle secret babies and the I’m not worthy I must break up with them for their own good tropes. Not having it!


  2. Oh, I am so there with you on hating those too. Instant love? Give me a break, like you said, I want my story and characters to be somewhat based in reality unless, of course, I’m ready an all out fantasy. And the perfect person? Is all a matter of personal opinion.

    And Ed was in GOT, really? Sheesh!


      1. Couldn’t agree more Alexandra! And even in the all out fantasy novels there’s got to be something within the character that connects me to them.

        And ugh, yes. Ed Sheeran has the one and only cameo to ever take place in GoT and it was a HUGE MISTAKE and absolutely terrible.


  3. Not a fan of Instalove myself, but my parents were engaged after two weeks and have been married for over 50 years, and I am divorced so perhaps I am completely wrong on that, LOL

    My least favorite trope is teacher student or anytime a person in a position of power has a relationship with someone who doesn’t!


  4. These are hilarious. I personally hate ‘love conquers all’ trope. So they end up together and everything is sparkly and right in the world? Sigh,


  5. It is very embarrassing when adult authors confuse good physical appearance as a mark of good character and vice versa. Rereading Harry Potter and I’m embarrassed to see how much fat-shaming there is of characters that are bad. Terrible era, we don’t see that in books anymore, so that’s great!

    Have to disagree about Ed Sheeran! That was done as a gift for Maisie Williams and I loved the song Ed sang… it was so catchy.


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