Life Update: Mini-Hiatus


So, in all honesty I’m not too big on sharing my *feelings* about things. I deal in facts and logic first, emotions second and that’s how I maintain my sanity. The facts are, my father-in-law is in end-stage liver failure and my husband is undergoing surgery to remove about half of his to save his dads life. My husband and I have been together since high-school, and got married just about two years ago (12.30.16). Right after our honeymoon my father-in-law was hospitalized multiple times with various complications all surrounding his liver. When we found out he would need a liver transplant we both immediately offered ours up, but I’m the wrong blood-type, and Colin was a perfect match.

Colin is also in the heat of his PhD, it’s been grueling work for him and I’ve honestly never been so disenchanted with the education system as I have watching him deal with all the garbage and bureaucracy that’s gone into this dream. We spent two days at the University Transplant Center in San Antonio, Texas last November having him undergo a ridiculous number of tests to ensure he’s healthy as a horse, and a good match to donate his liver. When we received the go ahead, to be honest, I felt relief along with a deep gnawing anxiety. I wanted to be the one doing this, I didn’t want to be the one in the waiting room.

I’ve mentioned the surgery multiple times here and everyone’s well wishes and thoughts mean more to me than I can tell you. I thought I’d have time to get in some reviews and posts but the surgery is a week from today. I didn’t think it would affect me quite this much, if we’re being honest. So I wanted to update everyone on what is going on and that I’ll be taking a two week (ish) hiatus from posting and reviewing. I have a whole mess of books lined up to read during our stay in the hospital and my hopes are that we’re back home by Christmas Eve but that remains to be seen. I hope you’ll all stick with me here and forgive me for not being able to post too much in the upcoming weeks. I’ll try to at least pop in the comments next week to let everyone know that everything went well – because I know that everything will go smoothly and we’ll be on the other side of this soon.

I’m wishing everyone the happiest of holidays and looking forward to reading everyone else’s posts and reviews while I try to maintain some semblance of sanity. Tell the people you love that you love them every day, life is really hard sometimes – the ones we love and the ones who love us are what make it worthwhile.

All the hearts for eyes, forever.

30 thoughts on “Life Update: Mini-Hiatus”

  1. Some huge, life changing events coming up for you, so yeah, if you’re not around for awhile, we know why. We’ll all still be here when you get back and, I hope, with the best news ever.

    Here’s wish you, and all your family the best, and I hope all goes well. Take care of you and yours.


  2. Christina I’ve just read your post and with all due respect we are all stranger friends from all over the world to you and you have nothing to apologise for your husband and family need you, you have told us about your husband and family if others can’t understand why your are not around then so be it,but there is nothing more important than family and friends, you take all the time you need and don’t worry about others, I hope everything goes well ,take care see you soon 😘

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  3. Thinking of you Christina and wishing all goes well. Hoping for a quick and smooth recovery for your husband and father in law . Take all the time you need! Love the last part of your post – brought tears to my eyes – so very true! 💜💕💗😘

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  4. I’m so very sorry but also incredibly glad that y’all have the chance to help his dad in this way. It’s an amazing gift that will truly last a lifetime. Everyone will be happy and healthy soon!

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  5. We got to know each other only recently. Still I am touched by your story, by the sacrifice you wanted to make and your feelings for your husband, this is love. I have lost my mother few months ago, we could not anything to save her. This is hard to live. I am glad something can be done for your father-in-law. There is still hope. Take care.


  6. Hi everybody! I just wanted to update y’all that my husbands surgery has been postponed to Thursday due to some stuff with his dad his team wants to take care of first. Hopefully I’ll have good news that evening. It’s been a draining day to get this news so late but we are staying positive!

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