Wednesday: A Little Something Different – Cheesy Christmas Movies!!!

As one does: let me wish all you readers and bloggers like a happy fracking hump day! It feels rich wishing others a happy hump day because time means little to me at this moment because if you want to suspend reality – spend a week in the hospital. Everything runs together in a swampy mess of stress and anxiety. HOWEVER, I am a happy lil hampster because my husband was released yesterday and we are in our Airbnb – sleeping in a real bed, being able to cook real food and relax away from constant beeping and 4:00 AM blood draws. I do actually have quite a few reviews to bring ya’ll but I have a few reasons for holding off – a) I want to space them out b) I have some recipes I need to prep to post with them and c) I’m feeling #FESTIVE. So instead of bringing you a book review today or a traditional meme, I wanted to do something a little different.

This is what I get for asking for a “cute” Christmas picture -_-

Full disclosure: reading is my end-all-be-all for entertainment. As I’ve mentioned before I could go on for years about the beauty and joy of books. However, I also try not to be a stick in the mud about movies, TV or any other medium of entertainment. I like to consider myself open-minded in all senses of the term. I enjoy things intellectually stimulating, I love the news, I (obvi) love books, outdoor activities are among my favorites, and while they reaaaaaaally aren’t my favorite I even get into video games and sports sometimes. I can likely wreck anyone at MarioKart or Super Smash Bros and I love all winter sports and any live game even if watching these aren’t my number one. For me, there’s no point writing anything off when joy can be found almost anywhere. So that brings me to today – I wanted to bring ya’ll some mini-reviews of some cheesy, Hallmark-y Christmas movies that might interest you if you feel like getting in the holiday mood or taking your mind off those few people who seem to get extra aggro around this time of year!

If this isn’t your jam – I CAN NOT HELP YOU.

Alright, alright, alright: we are not including the ultimate Christmas movies in this list. So, OG Christmas movies are not part of this – Rudolf, Frosty, Charlie Brown etc are not part of this party right now. Those are the originals, the infallible, the ones that can not and will not be touched. If these aren’t staples of your holiday seasons – you need to check yo’ self before you wreck yo’ self because they are legitttt tangible joy. The only caveat to this post I’ll make is that for my family, our go-to Christmas movie is Monty Python and the Holy Grail which isn’t particularly traditional. However, if you saw my post about our holiday meals you know my family is weird AF and we have no traditional traditions so….here we are.

As a growing *semi* adult who *semi* has her shit together one of the things I’ve found I’ve loved is forming my own traditions. One of those is garbage hallmark-esc Christmas movies with my friends over a glass (or 6) of wine. While I’ll say my husband is not the *biggest* fan of this he’s an excellent sport and will drink some freshly made cider with me as we watch one. This is also the first year we’ve had a real Christmas tree and been able to put up real Christmas lights in our yard so it’s been extra special.


So anyway, after all that personal information I thought some of you might like a small list of my favorite, cheesy but feel good Christmas movies. These are easy to watch, quick, take your mind off the holiday stress, life stress movies that are especially fun with others. Granted, my husband’s, my friends, and my coping strategy is always joking so we spend a lot of time watching these talking about the implausibility and making ill-timed and likely bad jokes – but they’re still fun and make my heart happy.

A Christmas Prince on Netflix 


I actually watched this one last year and it was too cute. It’s got vibes from The Prince and Me and Kate Middleton + Prince William. And look – I know I’ve lamented “insta-love” six million times on my blog but I can be honest and I’m a hot mess of conflicting feelings. I love YA sometimes, I love a good love-triangle and I can completely suspend the implausibility of insta-love for a good Christmas movie! This centers around a surprisingly fun and relatable girl pretending to be someone she isn’t who ends up with a (semi-for-a-movie) slow burn relationship with a Prince. If you’re looking for snow, balls, beautiful gowns, comic relief and lurrrrrve- this is the one for you!!

**This one also now has a sequel that I’m waiting to watch with my two best friends – so double the fun!

After the Ball on Netflix


Caveat: I’m not sure this is *technically* a Christmas movie. HOWEVER, I watched it a few years ago when it was cold outside by the fire and it KNOCKED. MY. SOCKS. OFF. While the other movies on this list gave me warm fuzzies with my homemade cider, this one actually tickled the shit out of me. I don’t know about you but She’s the Man starring Amanda Bynes was a masterpiece in my humble opinion. After the Ball is similar in that our leading lady impersonates a male character in order to impress her dad. Not only that but it’s a loose interpretation of Cinderella. It legit made me laugh out loud and was absolutely perfect to let go of life’s stresses and just enjoy an easy, fun movie with a genuinely fun storyline and an excellent MC.

***Also if you like shoes you’ll like this one, as the dad and daughter own a shoe company – my husband actually really dislikes heels of almost any kind and I’ve got 23 screws and two plates in my left leg so I don’t wear them often. However, I do throw on some heeled, wedge boots every now and again and shoemaking is super interesting so I found that aspect an added bonus!

Christmas Wedding Planner on Netflix (again)


Ok, so this one is super – extra cheese ball. It’s about a girl who just started her own wedding planning business and is planning her very wealthy cousin’s wedding. Her cousin’s ex shows up and turns out to be a – wait for it – PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR. Our MC assumes he’s there to ruin it, but he insists he just wants to make sure her fiance isn’t a d-bag. So they set out on the hunt to discover the truth – of course, over time, things get a little more complicated. I L.O.V.E.D the MC, and the male lead. While again, the instalove is strong in this one the main characters are actually really grounded and relatable. The ending is kind of extra crazy and unrealistic but I still found myself really enjoying the entire movie and the male lead is super dreamy. Also Joey from NSYNC is in this soooooo….*love*.

***EVEN MORE PERSONAL SIDE NOTES: I wanted to be a wedding planner for YEARS because weddings are so happy and wonderful, however, you have to work weekends and I didn’t want to be on opposite schedules as my husband so I ruled that one out. Buuuuuuuut, even just passing a wedding almost brings me to tears because it’s so freaking HAPPY! I seriously love all weddings.

Lets just keep it all on Netflix so: The Spirit of Christmas


I watched this yesterday with my BFF who flew in from Spain for the surgery, my brother-in-law and my sleeping husband. TBH: this one is kind of super crazy. It’s about a woman who goes to an inn only to fall in love with the (I shit you not) GHOST that is haunting the inn. If your goal in any of these movies is a cinematic masterpiece and you can’t have a good time with a Hallmark type movie you’ll be disappointed but this one was super, SUPER fun to watch with people of the same humor. Not only is the Christmas *VIBEZ* strong with the fake snow and cute old-timey inn but HOW CRAZY IS THIS PREMISE!? I was riveted, I needed to know how this one would end and I really enjoyed it overall. Watch this one with your friends and those with a good sense of humor because the cheese in this is epic.

dog snow
Actual footage of me in the snow at Christmas.

So, if you can’t tell – CHRISTMAS IS MY FREAKIN’ JAM. I didn’t grow up in a particularly festive family, we spent our holidays in the snow but with little Christmas fanfare. My husband and his family have always been Christmas fanatics and I’ve been infected! Living in Texas I don’t have the snow, or many Christmas-y vibes so I can’t help but love these cheesy movies for reasons I can’t really put into words. I’ve got my traditional Christmas movies qued up for the next week as my husband recovers and some not so traditional ones as well and I couldn’t be happier because I have a healing husband to watch them with.

HONORABLE MENTION BECAUSE SAID HUSBAND WILL KILL ME IF I DON’T: Die Hard is the *ultimate* Christmas movie according to Colin and I can’t make a list of Christmas movies without including it or I’ll get a two-week lecture about it.

die hard
Come out to the coast. We’ll get together, have a few laughs

What are some movies you love to watch at Christmas? What are some not so traditional, traditions you and your family have during the holidays? Drop me a note in the comments and let me know!


19 thoughts on “Wednesday: A Little Something Different – Cheesy Christmas Movies!!!”

  1. Every man seems to believe Die Hard is a Christmas movie so I guess I just need to accept that ☺️ I even like the movie!!

    I’ve been binging on Hallmark every Saturday since I’m doing other stuff and am hooked. Yes, they’re sappy but I can zone in and out and not miss anything. It’s really put me in the spirit.

    I’ll check out Netflix. I’ve only watched the Vanessa Hudgins movie (about lookalikes and royalty).


  2. We have the ‘W’ network up here in the Frozen North that does back to back, to back, Hallmark style movies that me and mine (when I twist their arm) watch. I love them. I love that couple of hours of pure escapism to just indulge. And why not, right? Chocolates, wine, and a cheesy movie, what more could we ask for.

    Oh, and yeah, Christmas isn’t Christmas without at least one Die Hard movie. 😉


  3. I watch A Christmas Story every year. It reminds me of my family in the Midwest, plus it’s hilariously narrated by Jean Shepard, the guy who wrote the original book. I feel like it’s what would result if David Sedaris had a “normal” childhood.

    PS the grocery scooter snap is A+. Merry Christmas!


  4. Ah Die Hard… i used to watch that one a lot!
    When i was growing up, xmas movies mostly consisted of re-runs of Home Alone, Mary Poppins, and random as it sounds, but Gone with the Wind 😀


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