One Lovely Blog Award: 7 Random Facts about Christina!

img_1008First and foremost, a huge thank you to Norie @ Reading Under the Blankie for tagging me in the One Lovely Blog Award / Tag! Ya’ll, I love her reviews so if you haven’t checked out her page – you need to! This is actually the second tag I’ve been tagged in, in the last 24 hours (I feel like the prettiest princess at the ball) and I’ll be participating in the other later this weekend because these are cute and fun and a great way to connect with and learn about other bloggers! So without further ado, for those who are interested, here are 7 random facts about me!

#1. I’m actually pretty good with a lasso. I know that sounds like, super freakin’ weird but when I was growing up I went to horse back riding camp and we learned how to rope goats, participated in cattle drives and ran barrels for the summer. It’s a strange skill to have but a pretty neat party trick!


#2. I spent like, 4 entire hours last night completely reworking my blog theme and layout. I’m now officially super into creating little headers for all of my posts but I still have to go back through them and add to ones I’ve already posted. I am super pleased with the way it’s looking now!

#3. Growing up my idols were, in order: Tara Lipinski (the Olympic figure skater), Clara Barton (founder of the American Red Cross) and Celine Dion (QUEEN). Among the many unrealistic things I wanted to be growing up (refer to number one, and wanting to be a “cowgirl”), I wanted to be a figure skater and dedicated a weird amount of effort to this.

giphy (1)
PFT HAH, yeah right 8 year old Christina.

#4. One of my favorite pass-times, which seems to mystify my friends is that on the weekends I’ll purposefully seek out recipes that take all day. I have this whole list of things that take a really long time to make and are really involved that I like to make on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. I’m a fiend for saving recipes and seeking out new ways to challenge myself in the kitchen.

#5. I’ve rafted the Grand Canyon, twice. My dad is BFFs with a man who is pretty well-known if you’re into the ecology and conservation of the Grand Canyon and has an agreement with a Native American tribe and I’ve been able to hop on that gravy train twice. There’s nothing like being inside something that truly grand. It’s hands down probably the coolest experience(s) I’ve ever had. My dad has been like 12 times though so… I’m not THAT cool.


#6. I love to travel. Growing up, my family went on one type of major vacation every year and that was skiing. It was amazing and gave me the #madskills (JK) that I have now and it’s still my favorite thing in the world. However, now as an adult myself (who is moving WITHIN MONTHS somewhere I can ski on the weekends – the dream) my husband and I put a lot of effort into traveling. Each year we are able to go on more and more trips and I love it! We just booked a cabin in Colorado for a good friend of ours 30th birthday in March!

#7. This is actually really hard to come up with 7 random things so I am going to copy Norie. I wear a size 6 shoe (US) and can often get mad deals on shoes because I can buy children’s sizes. My husband likes to make fun of me but has to eat his words when we go to REI garage sales and I get Salomon hiking boots for $15 because they’re a children’s 4. I also got a pair of thousand dollar ski boots from an REI garage sale for $38 (steal of the CENTURY I tell you) because they are so small and also people in Dallas don’t ski apparently.

giphy (2)

Well there you have it folks, seven random facts about me! That was harder than it should’ve been but oh well. I’m hoping to have a review up for ya’ll tomorrow for Unwind by Neal Shusterman! I’ve got some really great books coming in from the library so I’m excited to bring ya’ll some reviews of some *hopefully* great reads! As with all tags, you are in no way obligated to participate and if you aren’t tagged, feel free to participate anyway! I love learning new things about my fellow book lovers and bloggers! Anywho, I’m tagging Jonetta, Alexandra, Melissa and Kate!

What are some random facts about you? What do you think of the new blog layout? Drop me a note in the comments and let me know!


21 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award: 7 Random Facts about Christina!”

  1. Loved your facts. Gosh random facts about me – I was born on Halloween and since I was a baby everyone has called me a witch, hence why my blog header is a witch reading a book. Someone tried to kill me twice years ago. I was thrown from a moving car when I was 18 and then the same person tried to poison me with rat poison in my soup. Such a lovely person!!


  2. First of all, thank you for tagging me, I do love doing these memes. I’m a sucker for reading them too. Second, I love your random facts, wow, you rafted the GC? I’m in awe, and love that you can rope cattle. I mean, come on, who can say *that*? And it might come in handy if Trump crushes America. Ha! Ha! Sorry, maybe that was in poor taste (I’m a Brit). And how cool is it that you can get really cheep shoes. Dang!


      1. I’ve done my answers and have a post scheduled for Monday. Thanks again, and I had fun thinking up 7 random facts about me. I think I’ll make you laugh too. 😀


  3. These are some of the most fun random facts I’ve read!! Also I love your blog updates! I’ve been thinking about changing my headers for the “Book Chat” posts but can’t land on something I like yet 🙃


    1. Thank you so much! I’ve been looking at different themes and way to make my blog more cohesive recently but it was such an undertaking I’ve been putting it off. I felt inspired last night and I’m glad I did it! It took FOREVER though and picking images and the way I wanted to layout the headers got increasingly difficult but I think it was worth it in the long run 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I always read your blogs through my email so I haven’t checked out the actual site in a while. Its BEAUTIFUL I love what you’ve done with it! Loving your random facts too. I also shop the kids section for shoes LOL! Got to love a good deal. ❤


  5. You’ve really thrown down the gauntlet here as your seven random facts are so, so interest, Christina! I accept your tag and will now have to come up with something that comes close to being as interesting as yours.

    As I said to Norrie, I’d love to have your tiny feet! Sample shoe outlets discount these tiny sizes to crazy low prices for fabulous shoes. I’ve tried to squeeze my 7 1/2 into a 6 1/2 and it was just shameful.

    Love your new design. You done good, girl💜


  6. What a fun post! I wear a size 5 or 5.5 shoe. It’s either really easy or really difficult to find shoes. Generally I just shop the girls, especially now that little girls dress older than they should. 😉


  7. Oh, damn, you do some cool stuff! Lasso skills would be awesome to have, i’d prolly be roping in all stray kitties 😀
    I can’t skate and never tried skiing but it doesn’t look like something i could do. It’s cool you’ll live somewhere where you get to do it regularly tho ❤
    I also collect recipes, but then i never make them, cuz "omg it takes more than 30 min?! yea no, thanks" 😀


  8. wow! these are some awesome fun facts. I’ve never visited the grand canyon and i’m pretty sure I would somehow get tangled in the rope if I ever tried to lasso something. Also, the new header is super cute!


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