Thoughtful Thursday’s: The Binge Watch!

Happy almost Friday readers! I know *most* of my content is either book or cooking related but a few months ago I did a cheesy Christmas movie post and it was super fun. I thought I’d change things up a little bit today and give y’all something you haven’t asked for – great TV shows to binge watch! With the weekend looming and spring cleaning in full swing, what’s a better way to get all that laundry out of the way than to pop on a great binge-watchable TV show and mow through those chores.


First things first, I’m not going to go over some of the all-time best, and well known shows that generally, the entire world and their moms have seen. So, no The Office, Parks and Recreation or Game of Thrones will be found on this list. While all of these are fan-freakin’-tastic shows, they’re also some of the most popular shows and you’ve likely either already seen them, or decided you wont watch them (but I highly suggest giving them all a real shot)! I’ve got another Recipe and a Read post coming at y’all tomorrow so keep an eye out!

Avatar: The Last Airbender 


Hear me out first, ok! Yes, this is a family oriented show. Yes, this is animated. Yes, this is a show on Nickelodeon. However, do not be fooled! This is also the single greatest story ever told (in my humble opinion). The character arcs are truly phenomenal and it’s such a heavy and intense story chock full of life lessons you’ll want to learn yourself and teach your children. My husband and I regularly talk about showing this to our *maybe one day* kids. The first few episodes are definitely more kid oriented but as the show goes on it gets deeper and deeper.

Aang, is the last airbender alive. 100 years before the start of the show the Fire Nation begins a world war with the other 3 nations (Air, Earth and Water). As the next Avatar (the only bender who can control all four elements) is set to be an airbender, the Fire Nation kills every single airbender, unknowingly missing Aang who has run away from his duties. The literal and complete genocide of his people is what Aang wakes up to 100 years in the future. As the Fire Nation slowly but surely works to wipe out all non-fire benders Aang must face his destiny as the Avatar and save the world.

So not only is this just a truly magnificent story, but just as an FYI all the art is hand drawn and it’s truly phenomenal. Every aspect of the show, and every character is deeply layered and complex. Truly I could go on for 86 million years about how great this show is. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available on streaming sites but it can be purchased on Amazon and it’s TOTALLY WORTH IT. 

Killing Eve


Sandra Oh-YEAH! So not only is the second season about to premiere but the first is an absolute knock-out. I just binge watched this entire season with my husband a few weeks ago and we both totally loved it. Not only is Sandra Oh truly amazing in this but the real star for me was Jodie Comer and her acting. Not only is she just genuinely stunning to look at but the minute details of her acting shine through and left me consistently impressed with her throughout the series. Every time she’s on the screen you’re not going to be able to take your eyes off her.

Sandra Oh (Eve) is a security operative who ends up being picked up as part of a secret operation to hunt down a serial assassin who isn’t leaving much (if any) of a trail behind her. Villanelle is an assassin with a sordid past who #can’tstopwontstop with the flashy killing that her unknown bosses keep tasking her with. As Eve grows closer and more obsessed with finding Villanelle, Villanelle becomes closer and more obsessed with finding Eve. As their lives become a tangled web it’s hard for the viewer to decide what’s going to happen next.

I loved this from start to finish and I can’t wait for the next season to start in a couple of weeks! If you’re a fan of crime drama’s / thrillers I really can’t suggest this one enough. Available to stream on Hulu.



Did I like this show? I honestly, don’t know. Did I binge watch the entire thing because I couldn’t step away? Yes, yes I did. A few Sunday’s ago I was meal prepping for the week and while chopping endless veggies I thought I’d toss something up on the TV while I chopped. I picked this show thinking I’d watch it while I chopped and then move on because it didn’t really strike my fancy. Boy howdy was I wrong on all fronts. This show totally sucked me in and again, my husband and I binged the entire thing in a day. I don’t know quite how I feel about it because it made me feel deeply uncomfortable while I was watching it but I also had to know what was going to happen. I literally couldn’t take my eyes off the screen the entire time.

Joe Goldberg wants what we all want, he wants to be seen and loved. When he meets Beck at the book store he runs he’s sure shes *the one*. Only Joe isn’t a normal dude, he’s got some screws loose in the brain and he starts stalking Beck like nobody’s business. Following her home (also girl, BUY SOME FREAKIN’ CURTAINS), following her to bars and out with her friends, stealing her phone so he can read her texts and more. As Joe and Beck grow closer to each other, Joe’s obsession and fear of losing Beck grows as well. What ensues is true madness and I’m sure you wont see the ending coming.

Also already slated for a second season, You is based on a book series that I know a lot of my GR friends loved. I haven’t read the book but Penn Badgley is a serious creep-ball and does a phenomenal job in the show. Available to stream on Netflix. 



I don’t think there are enough words for me to explain how much I freakin’ love this show. Younger took me by complete surprise a few years ago when I finally caved to watching it. It was a huge mistake to wait as long as I did, except that now they’ve got me nail biting waiting for the next season. I mean, first of all, if you don’t love Hillary Duff I honestly don’t know what to tell you because she is a true national treasure. Second of all, the premise is super cute and fresh and I think it would appeal to anyone of any age.

Liza Miller is a 40 year old recently divorced mother to a college aged child who is studying abroad in India. As Liza pieces her life back together she takes her dusty Dartmouth degree and sets out to find a job in the NY publishing scene only to learn that she’s…. old. On a whim she decides to pretend that she’s not 40, but 26 and lands a job in a promising publishing company as the assistant to one of my all-time favorite characters. Not only that, but she starts dating a 26 year old tattoo artist (swooning) who thinks their the same age. As things spiral out of control, the viewer waits to see when it’s all going to implode!

So there’s a love triangle between two of the most handsome men I’ve ever seen (but #TeamCharles) and some of the most accessible characters I’ve ever come across. Not only is this just a genuinely feel good and funny show but it’s super timely. If you’ve ever felt under qualified, or like life is leaving you behind then this show is the one for you. I think it’d appeal to any one of any age and I seriously adore all the characters. Available on Hulu.

30 for 30


Look, I don’t even LIKE sports and this is one of my favorite shows. Truly, you really don’t have to be an avid sports fan or even a marginal one to find this series truly fascinating. I stumbled upon this show when I watched their episode about Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan (RIVETING, I highly suggest watching that episode first) and I immediately fell in love with it and haven’t stopped since. There’s so many angles to this show and to what it covers that I can’t imagine anyone not finding it interesting.

Covering the highest and the lowest moments in sports history, 30 for 30 explores different events in sports in each episode. It covers interesting events and interesting people throughout sports history from 1979 to 2009. Since all of these events were highly televised the first hand video and accounts of each event are what really draw the viewer in and keep them hooked. I mean, we’ve got video of Nancy Kerrigan SECONDS after she’s hit in the knee and if that isn’t enough to draw you in, I can’t help ya.

A couple of my other favorite episodes are I Hate Chris Laettner and Hillsborough, although they’re all really great. You can pick and choose based on events you remember or based on sports you like. It’s a super interesting way to spend a little bit of your time and it’s one that’s easier to walk away from than the others on this list. Available on Hulu Live or for purchase through Amazon.

Have you seen any of these shows? If so, do you agree with their “binge-watchable-ness”? What are some shows you think are great to binge watch? Drop me a note in the comments and let me know!


9 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday’s: The Binge Watch!”

  1. I soooo want to see Killing Eve as I adore Sandra Oh, and really like the sound of Younger too, my kind of misplaced comedy. But … we don’t have cable. Nope. Not even a subscription to Netflix or the like, we gave up TV last year. But you’re tempting me to go buy the DVDs. 😀


    1. Oh man! We don’t watch too much TV but even still I’m not sure I could get rid of the whole thing lol, that’s amazing! I really can’t suggest Younger enough! Before it was available to stream I purchased the seasons because I loved it so much so I wouldn’t say buying them is a bad idea 😛


  2. Great post! I’ve watched Younger a few times with a friend who loves the show, and it really is incredibly bingeable.


  3. Love the list!
    Just read You this month, so that i can watch the series. The book was a bit meh, so i’m hoping it’s one of those cases where the telly version is better 😀

    Killing Eve is still on my list of books – cuz again, i obviously need to compare the two 😀


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