Top 3 Thursday: Book Club Recommendations!

Well y’all, I really think I’m finally and truly coming out of the book slump I got myself into and it’s a very happy place to be. I’m almost finished with The Mother-In-Law by Sally Hepworth so keep an eye out for a Recipe and a Read post on publication day on the 23rd! This is a great one because I’m a little over halfway through and I’ve already got 4 recipes to choose from! Anyway, today I wanted to participate in Top 3 Thursday! This weekly meme is hosted by A Cozy Reader and this weeks topic is book club recommendations! Being a loud and proud member of both the Traveling Sisters and Traveling Friends groups on Goodreads, and really enjoying reading with my husband I’ve always been a big fan of book clubs and book discussions. It’s such a fun way to relive a book you love, seeing it through someone else’s eyes!


Recursion by Blake Crouch


I mentioned it in my review, and I’ll mention it again now – this would be such a fun book to read with others! There’s so many small details to wrap your mind around and so many epic moving parts to this story that it’s riddled with endless discussion options. I think this would be a fun one to discuss with others to see what little details and plot points another reader picked up. There are so many different things all happening at once, since it deals with time travel I’d love to sit down and really dissect this with others who’ve also read it. It’s worth mentioning, obviously, that I think Dark Matter is another great one to read with a group but I plug that book too often!

Favorite Quote: There are so few things in our existence we can count on to give us the sense of permanence, of the ground beneath our feet. People fail us. Our bodies fail us. We fail ourselves… But what do you cling to, moment to moment, if memories can simply change. What, then, is real? And if the answer is nothing, where does that leave us?

You can find my full review, along with a recipe for Huevos Rancheros here!

Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough 


One of the best types of books to read in a book club is a good thriller/mystery. I love discussing these types of books with others, trying to ferret out who did it together and seeing where different plot points mislead different readers. Behind Her Eyes is quite possibly the most surprised I’ve ever been by an ending in my entire reading career. It’s an ending I genuinely don’t feel like any reader could have anticipated and it’d be such fun to discuss with others and see if everyone else was thrown for the loop I was. When you have such a shocker of an ending, I think there could be some it doesn’t appeal to and I’d love to discuss that also!

Favorite Quote: The past is as ephemeral as the future—it’s all perspective and smoke and mirrors.

You can find my full review, along with a recipe for a Thai Braised Chicken Curry here!

Rust & Stardust by T. Greenwood


Historical fiction is another genre I think is perfect for book clubs. Discussing the past, it’s events and it’s relation to present day issues is something I personally find riveting. Rust & Stardust would make such a great book club book because it is both historical fiction as well as being based on the real life abduction of Sally Horner. There’d be discussion of the actual book, the stunning writing and story telling but also about the real Sally Horner. This is an emotional read and it’s phenomenally written. I can’t imagine there are many people who wouldn’t enjoy reading this, and discussing it with others!

Favorite Quote: Susan woke up that September morning and felt a distinct chill run like ice water down her back. Her first waking thought was of Sally. This is how she’d woken every morning for over a year now. Not with the soft ascent from the depths of a dream but with the sharp bite, that cold blade of the truth. This is the cruelty of grief. The way it gathers strength in the night, blooming again and again and again. There was nothing she could do to combat it other than allow its icy fingers to dig in and then to move on.

You can find my full review (it was my first!) along with a Lo Mein recipe here!

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me, groovin’ back into reading

Have you read any of these titles, if so, do you agree? What are some books you’d suggest for a book club? Drop me a note in the comments and let me know!

22 thoughts on “Top 3 Thursday: Book Club Recommendations!”

  1. Dang! Three more to put on my wish list and check out. I haven’t read Dark Matter yet. Looks like I need to get that first.

    Oh, and if you want to talk about permanence; nothing is permanent, everything is transient and in a state of flux, and even the universe will cease to be … in geological time of course! 😉


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