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Happy Friday y’all! My best friend who has been stateside from Spain is leaving town tomorrow and I get to see her just one last time in the great state of Texas before she heads back and I wont see her again until we don’t live in Texas anymore (CA-RAY-ZAY). I hope everyone has wonderful weekends planned ahead of them and that it’s full of all the things you want! We here in Dallas are looking at more rain starting Sunday and going into next week. I can’t say that I mind because I love all weather and there’s something so *romantic* about April showers in Texas. Anywho, I’ve been tagged in The Liebster Award book tag by Savannah of Reviews by Savi!

1. Acknowledge the blog that gave it to you.
2. Answer 11 questions that the blogger gives you.
3. Give 11 random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate other blogs and notify them of their nomination.
5. Give these blogs 11 questions to answer.


  1. I was in my high schools marching band (LOLOL) and I played the saxophone (not well) – actually, my best friend I talked about earlier also played the saxophone and we met in our  middle school band. I also met my husband in band (technically he says he remembers me from middle school, I…. do not.)
  2. I currently have a candle buying problem because I like the way they make my house smell but I’m buying so many per week (Ross4Lyfe) that it’s getting kind of ridiculous.
  3. My husband and I are preparing not just for our move to NM but to welcome someone new into our family – you guessed it readers, A SECOND FRACKIN’ DOG and we’re hoping to get a beagle but now I’m so partial to Jack Russel’s I kind of want another.
  4. I’ve been cooking more than I ever have (which is saying something) and I’ve been really #killinit, in my opinion. I’ve been creating and working on so many new recipes I’m thinking about incorporating it into my blog with a “Food Friday” type post or something similar.
  5. I can ski actually pretty well and I’ve successfully taught numerous people how to ski. I am a coward 99% of the time so I’m always surprised by how any fear just evaporates on the mountain.
  6. If we ever do have human children, they’ll be on skis as soon as they can walk.
  7. I don’t really like “beverages” at all. The only drink I like is water. I do like coffee in the morning, most mornings but I’m already so energetic all the time I don’t always need it.
  8. I love trees. When we finally get around to purchasing a house (hopefully next year!) a huge deal breaker for me is our outdoor space and specifically trees. We’re hoping for an acre or more when we purchase but even if the city we settle in doesn’t accommodate that, I gotsta have trees.
  9. My favorite color is purple and has been since the third grade.
  10. I can moonwalk pretty stinkin’ well.
  11. In the second grade I wrote a 30 page “paper” (I called it a book) on what would’ve happened if the white rabbit hadn’t been late. It was essentially a conversation between Alice and the white rabbit from the mind of however old a 2nd grader is. It was, to say the least, not good.


What’s your favorite book?

Wowowowow, going right for the hard stuff I see. I don’t know – it depends how you define “favorite”? Is it the book I could re-read the most number of times, the one I find the most meaningful or entertaining or that I couldn’t put down? So you’re not getting one, I’m giving you my top three.
The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Dark Matter by Blake Crouch
The Air Awakens series by Elise Kova (yeah it’s 5 books, sue me)

Dogs or cats, and why?

I already told y’all about the cat jumping on my shoulders to prepare me for a feast. Cat people I know told me this is called “making biscuits” which they seemed to think was cute? But it was MY POINT EXACTLY – I freakin’ eat biscuits dude. Anyway, dogs. Obviously. Because: IMG_1983.jpg

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Another difficult question. So my first inclination is to say flying because that would be so cool. But there’s mystery to that – how fast can you go? How long can you stay up? Is it a muscle that you have to work out, like running long distances? All of these answers would vastly effect how much flying would be enjoyable. So I think I would go with either being invisible, or more likely being able to teleport. Both of which I can see numerous advantages to. That or talking to animals. I’ve obviously not thought about this.

What book do you think would be best made into a musical?

My husband hates musicals and won’t watch them. I’m fairly indifferent to them but I honestly can not tell you because I have no idea what makes a good musical.

What’s your favorite book to movie/TV show adaptation? 

giphy (1)

Dun dun, dun dun dun dun, dun dun dunnnnnn – obvi Game of Thrones.

What’s your favorite place to eat out?

Such an EXCELLENT QUESTION SAVANNAH. Give me a 45 minute time slot and I’ll tell you. Juust kidding! I will give you my top 5 best meals/restaurants ever.
– Slogar, in Crested Butte, Colorado
– Boshamps, in Destin, Florida
– Pecan Lodge, in Dallas, Texas
– The Salt Lick, in Driftwood, Texas
– Tatsu-Ya, in Austin, Texas

What is your favorite song?

If we’re talking all time here I think I’d have to go with either Don’t Worry Baby by The Beach Boys (which was my husband and my first dance) or Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine!

What book would you like to see made into a TV series?


The Air Awakens series by Elise Kova would make a BOMB ASS TV show. It definitely couldn’t be done as a movie, it’s too intricate for that but it would be excellent on screen if it could be done well. I’d also love to see The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo or Dark Matter both of which could be movies on the big screen!

What’s your most anticipated book release of the year?

Probably The Toll by Neal Shusterman, which is book 3 in the Arc of a Scythe series. It doesn’t even have a cover yet but it is slated for release November 5, 2019! With that giant cliff hanger of an ending in book 2 I can’t wait to see what the final installment holds!

What do you think is your spirit animal and why?

giphy (2)

An elephant because they are wise, kind and caring. They’re incredibly emotional creatures and also total goofballs. They have a deep sense of loyalty and are incredibly passionate animals. I could give you a 647 minute presentation on why elephants are the best animals but I’ll just give you a couple facts because I can’t help myself:
1. Elephants mourn their dead. Not only do they “bury” them but they will visit their graves for years to come. They circle around the fallen elephant and actually cry out for them. It’s incredibly sad but shows the depth of their devotion and social connection.
2. They paint and the elephants that do paint have preferences. Colors, shapes and ways in which they like to paint. You can purchase their art (my beautiful sister got me a painting and it’s my most prized possession) but do your research to ensure the proceeds actually go to their conservation.
3. Very VERY few “elephant interaction” programs are actually legit and good for the elephants. They are not made, despite their size, to be ridden and they’re not show pony’s either. They need a lot of space so if you go to one of those places do your research again and make sure they’re not harming the elephants.
4. Their herds are always female led.

If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?

giphy (3)

I honestly didn’t intend to go on for 34 years about elephants. But obviously my answer to this question is an elephant. Or appa from Avatar: The Last Airbender.


  1. What is something you thought was cool when you were young, but now you know isn’t cool?
  2. Who is a character from a book/tv show/movie that you’d like to have as a bestie?
  3. Which of your personality traits has been the most useful?
  4. What’s a food that once you start eating you can’t stop?
  5. What would you name your boat if you had one?
  6. Which fictional character would be the most interesting to meet in real life?
  7. Which would be the most boring?
  8. What’s the dumbest way you’ve been injured?
  9. What is a useless talent you have?
  10. Where do you feel the most at peace?
  11. What would your autobiography be called?


Jonetta of Blue Mood CafeAlexandra Norrie of Reading Under a BlankieBeware of the ReaderMelanie of TBR and BeyondBrenda & Norma of The Traveling Sisters

As with all tags, you’re under no obligation to participate if you were tagged and if you weren’t tagged and you want to join in drop me some of your answers in the comment or repost to your blog! I’d love to see people’s answers to the various questions!! 




9 thoughts on “Book Tag: The Liebster Award!”

  1. Great answers Christina!! Elephants are amazing and I’d love to have one as a pet too! What’s funny is, I got tagged to do The Liebster Award a few weeks ago, and would have done it yesterday and tagged you if I wasn’t too lazy 😂 Little did I know that you’d already been tagged for it ❤


  2. WOW! You had me with the 11 facts about yourself and then … we get the whole nine-yards with another set of Q&A, I feel like we just did a very long lunch and spent 3 hours talking! Ha! Ha! I love how you met your husband in a band, and played the sax. And I ski … badly! lol!

    Oh, and I love trees and elephants too. I got to ride on an elephant at a zoo, once. It was great. And my senior year paper for biology was on trees! Are you sure we’re not related? 😉 Seriously though, if you do start doing a Friday Food post, I am so there with you and will blog a food post too.

    In other news, thank you for nominating me! But I already did the Liebster Award (thanks to Norrie) you can read my answers here:


    1. Ooooh we could collaborate on a Friday Food posting – that would be so fun!! I’ll go look at your Liebster Award now 🙂

      LOL as I was writing this I was thinking to myself “wow this is the most long winded post of just talking about myself that I’ve ever written, who even wants to know this stuff” but I didn’t have anything to post for today so I went with it lol!!


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