Top 3 Thursday: Favorite Books of 2019!

Happy “tomorrow is the start of the weekend” day everyone! So as I mentioned last week I’m dipping my toe back into the blogging game. The amount of stuff I’ve got to fit into the next 6 weeks is truly mind boggling but a home in the mountains is at the end of that tunnel so I’m very excited! First things first, I’m working on getting y’all a review for Run Away tomorrow and a recipe and a read post up next week as well so keep an eye out! Anyway, I was *originally* planning on posting the review today but I love the topic for today’s Top 3 Thursday so here we are! Top 3 Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by A Cosy Reader where different topics are explored and today’s is favorite books of 2019 so far!

correction: when talkin’ bout my fave books.

Run Away by Harlan Coben


ALL. THE. STARS. Y’ALL. I don’t want to give too much away today since I’m putting up my review tomorrow BUT what I will say is this totally knocked my socks off. I’ll be honest, I fell into the “judge a book by its cover” on this one. The synopsis of a man stumbling across the drug-addict daughter that’s been missing didn’t really grab me. What did grab me was this stunner of a cover! However, after just a few pages I knew this book was so much more than it appeared to be. I don’t know if any of y’all have seen the documentary on Netflix titled Abducted in Plain Sight but I watched it thinking it was going to be about a child, abducted in plain sight *obvi*. In my head I was thinking the child got snatched up at a carnival or park where the parent was right there but BOY HOWDY was I wrong. It’s about so, so much more and I felt that way the entire time I was reading this book. As my first novel by Coben I’m completely blown away and have already purchased a few more of his books at my library’s annual sale (fiddy cent books are life).

Recursion by Blake Crouch


Yusssss, y’all, he done it again. As you well know by now Dark Matter is one of my all-time favorite books. Well I was blessed by the book gods with an ARC of Crouch’s newest work and it is another slam dunk! It has all the thrill, twists and turns that I’ve come to associate with his books and he continues to challenge me as a reader and as a person. There’s not much I can say about the synopsis of this one because honestly it’s just a wild ride and I had no idea where any of it was going to entire time I was reading it. My husband just finished this one as well and gave it 5/5 stars. Exciting side note: An excerpt from my review for this book was featured on a Buzzfeed article and that was freakin’ awesome!

The Silent Patient by Alex Michealides 


Obviously I think all the books on this list were knockouts because I’m listing them as my favorites of 2019 so far. However, this debut novel is seriously no joke. I was already knee deep in another novel when this one was delivered and I told myself I’d “just read one or two pages, just to get a feel for it” and then promptly flew through the entire thing and gobbled this up at break-neck speed. After Alicia Berenson is found over her dead husbands body, covered in his blood, she never speaks another word. Theo, a therapist at a mental health facility is determined to help Alicia heal, discover the secrets she’s hiding and get her to speak. However, not all is as it seems and the mystery continues to mount, culminating in some awesome twists that I didn’t see coming from a mile away.

You can see my review (and a recipe for chicken curry) here!

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Well, there you have it folks! My first meme back from my hiatus! As I mentioned in my intro, I’ll have a review for Run Away up for y’all tomorrow. Have you read any of these titles, if so, what did you think? What are you top books of 2019 so far? Drop me a note in the comments and let me know!


24 thoughts on “Top 3 Thursday: Favorite Books of 2019!”

  1. I loved Runaway too!
    And recursion… ahhh… really need to read it, and silent patient too. I got a copy of both now, so nothing’s really holding me back 😀


  2. Dang, these are all books I have on my To Buy list and, as yet, haven’t gotten any. I so want to read the Harlan Coben, Run Away, as I think Norrie reviewed it too, and said it was really good!


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