ARC Review: No Exit by Taylor Adams!

Darby Thorne is an average college student attending CU in Boulder, Colorado when she receives devastating news that her estranged mother has end stage pancreatic cancer and is undergoing life threatening surgery in a matter of hours. As Darby hastily packs up her car and attempts to beat a serious winter storm to make it to Utah in time to not just see her mother, but apologize to her for their estrangement she unwittingly sets herself on a path that will change her life forever.

As Darby attempts to outrace the raging snow storm in her Honda civic (a car that’s 100% not ideal for snow conditions) things go from bad to worse until she’s forced to pull over at a rest stop. When Darby enters the warm embrace of a rest stop that’s still hours from where she needs to be she meets Sandi and her cousin Ed, well meaning if not a little low-class. She also meets Ashley, a young and charming if not arrogant man and Lars, a creep ball and mouth breather. As Darby grapples with the snow storm and tries to find signal to contact her family about her current condition she stumbles upon literally, a nightmare of a situation.

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Review: Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid!

That's right, we're almost halfway done with the week (technically not half way yet, since it's still the morning) and I couldn't be more ready for Friyay! So as I've made it abundantly clear, I've been in a pretty extreme reading slump for the last month or so. Everything I started I just immediately wasn't interested in. It's been terrible my dudes, truly terrible. It's not that I haven't wanted to want to read, it's just that nothing was striking my fancy. So tickle me pink when Taylor Jenkins Reid's new book that I pre-ordered 86 years ago shows up on my front porch. I sent a hallelujah on up to the book gods and this baby couldn't have come soon enough. So, without further ado a review for Daisy Jones & The Six!

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Review: The Wicked King by Holly Black!

Ah yes, as we come to the close of another weekend and must all face the dreaded Monday blues together, let us rejoice in the ability to escape into the great land of literature. I didn't have a lot of reading time this weekend but I've finally actually started my two "currently reading" books and they're both fabulous so far so I'm really looking forward to finishing them. I've also found the next project I'm commissioning my husband to make as I slowly but surely get everything together for our [soonish] move to New Mexico. Anywho, in non-book related news I also watched Netflix's Abducted in Plain Sight and ya'll that was IN-SANE and if you haven't seen it and are into true crime - I definitely suggest it! So, on to today's topic! Today I'm bringing ya'll a review for The Wicked King by Holly Black. This is the second installment in the Cruel Prince series and it was just released last month!

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Review: One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid!

Happy Not-Monday fellow readers! As it turns out, I am continually full of lies!! The weekend got away from me and my husband had an impromptu business dinner last night so I'm making my Recipe and a Read post today! However, in lieu of that post I'm bringing you a review none-the-less! Today's review is for One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid! I've been a terrible reader these past couple of days and in the last 48 hours I've not read a single page *cue gasping*. However, I've been nesting in my house like a crazy person and I'm getting back on that reading game!

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Thoughtful Thursday’s: Whole30 Review!

We have finally arrived ya'll! My husband and I have officially and successfully completed Whole30. I couldn't decide if this was a true book review or not, but I'm more so writing about my personal experience, not the book. For those of you that don't know, Whole30 is an elimination diet where you remove various food groups from your diet for 30 days and slowly reintroduce them back in to see how they affect your body and the way you feel. I'm not going to be giving any advice (other than, if you do Whole30, meal planning is super important) but rather, just giving my experiences on the way we've felt and what we've thought throughout this process. 

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ARC Review: The Line Between by Tosca Lee!

Wynter Roth has lived in the doomsday cult known as "New Earth" for the last 15 years. Brought to the settlement by her mother, along with her older sister Jaclyn when they were fleeing their alcoholic and abusive father. New Earth is led by the charming, enigmatic, handsome and all-knowing, all-caring leader Magnus Theisen. Wynter is raised within the confines of the compound and gives up all her worldly wants, and possessions upon her family being accepted into the waiting arms of her new "family". While Jaclyn seems to flourish within the strict rules and confines set by the leaders of New Earth, Wynter struggles and fails to meet their expectations growing up.

As time elapses, and Wynter opens her eyes more and more to the world around her she begins to see this life she's been thrust into a little bit differently. She sees the cracks in the testaments that Magnus has written, the cracks and flaws within Magnus himself.  However, this is the only life Wynter has ever known, she has been brought up to believe that the world outside their walls is doomed to crumble, and if she is not within the safety of her new home - she will perish with a world of sinners. When Wynter is cast out in shame from the only community she ever called a home, she is thrust into a cruel world that has begun to tear apart at it's seems.

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Review: Unwind by Neal Shusterman!

It's Friday my dudes! So what does that mean? It means it's review time!! Also, that I have so much time in my very near future to read, read, read! All my holds are coming in from the library so I'm super amped to get to them. Between reading, I'll be working on my house, couch shopping and finishing up our DIY hexagonal shelves! I was tagged in another book tag/award thing that I'll throw up on here sometime this weekend as well. Anyway, onto today's main event! A review for Unwind by Neal Shusterman! As I mentioned in my last review, I've been re-reading a bunch of books I read a super long time ago (IDK why, it's just happened that way) and this is the second book I'm very happy to have revisited.

This is my fourth Shusterman title to read in the last couple of months and man, this guy is KILLIN' IT - he just doesn't disappoint, time after time. Each of the worlds and scenarios he builds are so unique and vibrant that I'm consistently in awe of his imagination. Unwind takes place in a future where America has lived to see and survived a second civil war known as The Heartland War. Following the war, abortion laws are changed. Abortion is now illegal, but what does become the legal opportunity for parents who don't want their children is known as "unwinding" from the ages of 13 to 18 parents are allowed to sign orders to have their children unwound. The idea behind this, that makes it palatable for society, is that no part of the child dies, 99.6% of the child still lives on, as every piece of your baby, that you sent off because they're difficult or you didn't want them, lives on through another person.

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Review: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon!

I doubt many readers don't already know about Outlander - whether it's from it's cult following, it's 4.22 rating on Goodreads, or it's over half-million reviews, or it's Television adaptation - you'd kind of have to be living under a rock to not already know about this book. So while I doubt many of you need a real synopsis for this book but bear with me, cause you're gonna get it.

Claire Randall (Beauchamp) is on her second honeymoon with her husband Frank. Frank Randall is a good man and he loves Claire deeply, and she him. Claire and Frank have both been tied up in WWII, Claire as a combat nurse while Frank trained as an officer. When the war ended, Claire and Frank traveled to Scotland to reacquaint themselves with one another after many years apart - sometimes only seeing each other once or twice a year. While they're in Scotland Claire and Frank not only get to know each other once again, but they get to know the Highlands. The lore, the folktales, the history - both magical and brutal.

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Review: The Suspect by Fiona Barton!

It's my favorite day of the week again!! There's something absolutely intoxicating for me about Sunday's - I feel productive and relaxed at the same time. It's the easiest day for me to really focus on myself and my self-care routine to put me in the right head space for another week. I don't know what everyone else's weekend has been like but mine was fairly busy until today. It's been 36 degrees in Dallas but that's not stopped me from spending the morning and afternoon outside! I've got my portable heater, a new book, cozy blankets, and socks and have been posted up in the front yard enjoying the sun.

We're coming to the end of the restriction portion of January's Whole30 (I'll do a post of my thoughts on it at the end) and will be starting a slow, nutritionist augmented re-introduction period but that also means doing Recipe and a Read posts will become a lot easier! I've just started The Bear and the Nightingale and I've already got some Russian recipes I'm really excited to bring ya'll soon! However, today isn't about that - today I'm bringing you a review for The Suspect by Fiona Barton! I read this with the Traveling Sister's group and it's a fun one with lots of discussion opportunities!

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Review: My Sister, The Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite!

On to today's topic: a review for My Sister, The Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite! This novel has taken the reading community by storm, and I keep seeing it pop up everywhere. I actually finished this before the surgery but I've been slacking on catching up on reviews. However, this is my last backlogged review! As I've mentioned multiple times, I'm really working on getting some recipes with my reads up and I hope to have at least one within the next week - so stay tuned!

I finished this quite a bit ago, so I'm going to do my best to remember everything I thought about this book. This is at it's heart a story about two sisters, Korede and Ayoola. Korede is pragmatic, level headed and sensible. Her sister Ayoola, is none of these things. Ayoola is rash, beautiful, vibrant, the favored child and deeply irresponsible. Oh, also - did I mention she's a sociopath? Yeah, well that too. This story takes place in Braithwaite's birthplace of Nigera and follows these two sisters through a series of situations Ayoola thrusts them into.

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