Book Tag: Who Am I? BACK! That’s who.

Well, ok, sort of. But ladies and gentlemen who have been eagerly (cough, that's what I'm telling myself, cough) waiting for me to return to the blog game: here I am! I swear I am alive, but you wouldn't know it thanks to my giant hiatus. It's not been great for my reading but it has been great for my self care! I can't say I'm jumping back into blogging and reading at the same rate I was before, it was a bit overwhelming in the most overwhelming time of my life but I've been actively missing this community and all the books I've not been reading. My husband and I are moving to New Mexico at the end of August, I'm taking an impromptu trip to Spain two weeks before the move to visit my best friend, we're going to Colorado in two weeks and my husbands PhD defense is next month. So life is a whirlwind but it's all been exciting and positive because we finally have a house and we're finally going to live in the mountains!!

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Book Tag: The Liebster Award!

Happy Friday y'all! My best friend who has been stateside from Spain is leaving town tomorrow and I get to see her just one last time in the great state of Texas before she heads back and I wont see her again until we don't live in Texas anymore (CA-RAY-ZAY). I hope everyone has wonderful weekends planned ahead of them and that it's full of all the things you want! We here in Dallas are looking at more rain starting Sunday and going into next week. I can't say that I mind because I love all weather and there's something so *romantic* about April showers in Texas. Anywho, I've been tagged in The Liebster Award book tag by Savannah of Reviews by Savi!

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Behind The Blogger Book Tag!

It's Thursday! That means that a) tomorrow is Friday, so the weekend is about to start and b) my best friend is flying in from Spain this evening! This really is the week that keeps on giving y'all and my ride on cloud nine continues! I couldn't decide what kind of post I wanted to do today, whether a meme or a "Thoughtful Thursday" post or just skip it all together. But then I remembered Ashley, of Ashes Books & Bobs tagged me in a great post a few weeks ago and I totally forgot to do it! So first and foremost, thanks so much to Ashley for the tag and if y'all haven't checked out her blog you totally should - there's some really amazing stuff over there!

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80’s Movie Book Tag!

Mondays, and more specifically, Mondays after a vacation are the literal, actual and factual worst. Vacations are amazing and I love the time off but honestly, getting back into the groove of working is such a pain. However, I can't complain too much because I didn't think with the transplant surgery we'd get in any real skiing and we were able to fit in a ton of that and it was *magical* so I'm mostly just bitter that I can't go skiing right now. I was tagged in this little quiz a few weeks ago but I've just really dove back in with reading more consistently following my massive book slump so I'm just now getting around to it! Thank you to Eternity Books for the tag!! If y'all haven't checked out this blog I definitely suggest it!

So full disclosure, I'm *barely* an 80s baby and I don't really think I can call myself that since I was born in 89. So when I say "80s baby" I don't mean that in the sense that i grew up in the 80s, I just happened to breathe the last bit of 80s air after I was born. So while I've seen some of these, I haven't seen them all. However, why not - lets get to gettin'!

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Top 10 Tuesday: Stand Alone Books That Need a Sequel!

Happy not Monday, my dudes! I for one, am already ready for this week to be over. Both because I feel like garbage and also because I'm going to skiing next week for one of my best friends 30th birthdays! I may not be feeling too hot this week but that's never going to stop me from being freakin' AMPED to go skiing. I actually just finished Daisy Jones & The Six (TJR, you're a master) but I'm going to post that review tomorrow (I swear I'm not full of lies this time). I've got a few books from my library but they aren't really *speaking* to me so I may jump into a few old ARCs that I have instead.

Today I wanted to participate in my second round of Top 10 Tuesday! Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Artsy Reader and this weeks topic is stand alone books that need a sequel! I used to be super into series and had a hard time sinking my teeth into stand alones. Well, my how the tables have turned y'all because now I have a hard time getting into series and have been loving the stand alones!

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Book Tag: My Perfect Library!

Happy, happy Friday, happy weekend, read read read! Just thought I'd serve ya'll up with a lil' diddy to get this Friday groovin'. Anywayyyy, I saw this book tag over at Gemma's Book Nook and I simply could not resist. Bewitched Reader has a great Library post too so check them out! As I'm sure all book lovers can agree - books are the best. They're so calming and wonderful. As someone who has been renting (on a budget) I've never really been able to fully flex my home library wants [read: needs] for multiple reasons. However, now that my husband will be getting his big boy PhD job, and we'll be moving to the mountains I've got literally one thing on my mind (ok well, two) while we're house hunting: a place to read / make a little library and my kitchen (where all my husband cares about is his workshop). I'm setting this up as a personal library versus a public library - but all libraries are AH-MAZ-ING. *Also throwing in some Pinterest pics because #yolo*

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One Lovely Blog Award: 7 Random Facts about Christina!

First and foremost, a huge thank you to Norie @ Reading Under a Blankie for tagging me in the One Lovely Blog Award / Tag! Ya'll, I love her reviews so if you haven't checked out her page - you need to! This is actually the second tag I've been tagged in in the last 24 hours (I feel like the prettiest princess at the ball) and I'll be participating in the other later this weekend because these are cute and fun and a great way to connect with and learn about other bloggers! So without further ado, for those who are interested, here are 7 random facts about me!

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