Review + Recipe: The Mother-In-Law by Sally Hepworth + Chicken Parm Recipe!

Happy Publication Day to Sally Hepworth's The Mother-In-Law!! This was a super fun read that I had the pleasure of discussing with the wonderful members of the Traveling Sisters group on Goodreads. Go check out their review if you haven't already because it's amazing! In other news, my husbands future boss has scheduled us to go out to New Mexico in just under three weeks! It's all getting real and it's very exciting and nerve racking at the same time! Finding a house in a state you don't live in is turning out to be much more difficult than I previously anticipated. Anywho, time for my favorite line: Welcome back to the table readers! Today with my review I'll be giving y'all a lightened up chicken Parmesan recipe that's great for when you want to #treatyoself so stay tuned after the review!

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Recipes: Thanksgiving!

Happy two days after Thanksgiving which means, MERRY FRAKIN' CHRISTMAS MY DUDES! Or Happy Holidays, or happy Saturday or just happy day! No matter what you celebrate, if you celebrate or when you celebrate the holidays there's something absolutely *magical* for me about this time of year. If you haven't surmised by now - winter… Continue reading Recipes: Thanksgiving!

A Darker Shade of Magic Review + Stone’s Throw Fish & Chips Recipe!

Hello. Hi. Cheerio readers and welcome back to the table! This week we’ll continue our tour de force through worldly dishes! I honestly didn’t plan on this but it’s also been really fun to have it work out this way. So, anyway, back to why we’re all here. Today I’ll be bringing you a review… Continue reading A Darker Shade of Magic Review + Stone’s Throw Fish & Chips Recipe!

The Fourth Monkey Review + Slow Cooker Korean Beef Stew!

Welcome back to the table everyone! This week, I'll be featuring a review from The Fourth Monkey by J.D. Barker. Last week I came to you with a science fiction review (per the request of my husband, Colin) - well I'll let you guys know that apparently my group reading on Goodreads has ruined me for reading… Continue reading The Fourth Monkey Review + Slow Cooker Korean Beef Stew!