Book Tag: My Perfect Library!

Happy, happy Friday, happy weekend, read read read! Just thought I'd serve ya'll up with a lil' diddy to get this Friday groovin'. Anywayyyy, I saw this book tag over at Gemma's Book Nook and I simply could not resist. Bewitched Reader has a great Library post too so check them out! As I'm sure all book lovers can agree - books are the best. They're so calming and wonderful. As someone who has been renting (on a budget) I've never really been able to fully flex my home library wants [read: needs] for multiple reasons. However, now that my husband will be getting his big boy PhD job, and we'll be moving to the mountains I've got literally one thing on my mind (ok well, two) while we're house hunting: a place to read / make a little library and my kitchen (where all my husband cares about is his workshop). I'm setting this up as a personal library versus a public library - but all libraries are AH-MAZ-ING. *Also throwing in some Pinterest pics because #yolo*

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