Thoughtful Thursday: Book Slump Blues

When I started 2018 one of my New Years resolutions was to step outside of the genres / types of books I had been reading recently and try something new. I decided to stop searching out the tropes that I had been drawn to for years. I had gotten myself into the ultimate book slump.… Continue reading Thoughtful Thursday: Book Slump Blues

Leviathan Wakes Review + Mariner Valley (aka Martian) Skillet Lasagna!

Welcome back readers! This week I'll be featuring a review from Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey. I read this book because it's the favorite series of my husband and we've been reading a few books together recently. This is outside my comfort genres but in the end I really enjoyed it. My recipe this week is… Continue reading Leviathan Wakes Review + Mariner Valley (aka Martian) Skillet Lasagna!