Top 5 Tuesday: Badass Female Characters!

Ya'll, I can not get enough of this topic! One of the tropes I love the most in reading is women who overcome adversity - and in general, strong and amazing female leads. I don't know if it's just my general passion for women and their strength, or because the entertainment industry is so dominated by men. Either way, strong female characters are a MUST for me. It's so refreshing that there's so many to find in books these days, and I look forward to seeing more and more of this in the future. So, obviously, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to participate in this topic so you're getting TWO posts in ONE day! T5T is a weekly meme hosted by Bionic Book Worm where different topics are explored. if you haven’t checked out her weekly prompts you definitely should – they’re super fun!

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Falling Behind Friday: Killman Creek (Stillhouse Lake #2) by Rachel Caine!

Alright my readers, instead of our usual Can't Wait Wednesday post the Traveling Sisters, Kim with It's All About the Thrill and I are bringing you a brand new meme! This one is all about falling behind - a topic that's perfect for me right now because I've fallen behind on nearly everything in my life! Normally,… Continue reading Falling Behind Friday: Killman Creek (Stillhouse Lake #2) by Rachel Caine!

Review: Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine

Initial Thoughts:   Gina Royal is a good wife. She is an exceptional mother. She takes care of house and home like a juggernaut – doing what society, and her husband has told her is her most important job, to the detriment of her own well-being. She loves her children with everything she has, and while… Continue reading Review: Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine