Thoughtful Thursdays: World Building!

So I've talked about a lot of different book topics on Thursday's, along with touching on kitchen essentials as well. As you all well know by now, my previous go-to genre, and one of my absolute favorites is Fantasy. Not all Fantasy novels are created equal though - some focus on strong character building or building worlds that are a little too contrived and artificial for me to get into. Obviously, none of these are realistic because that's what Fantasy is - but I like my worlds grounded in thought, I like my "rules of magic" to have consistency and not feel arbitrary. So, in the spirit of getting back to my roots, I thought I'd do a post about my favorite novels, with the best world building!

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A Darker Shade of Magic Review + Stone’s Throw Fish & Chips Recipe!

Hello. Hi. Cheerio readers and welcome back to the table! This week we’ll continue our tour de force through worldly dishes! I honestly didn’t plan on this but it’s also been really fun to have it work out this way. So, anyway, back to why we’re all here. Today I’ll be bringing you a review… Continue reading A Darker Shade of Magic Review + Stone’s Throw Fish & Chips Recipe!