Top 5 Wednesday: Reading Resolutions!


Happy New Year everyone! I hope that everyone who celebrates the holidays has had a wonderful whatever you celebrate and I hope everyone was able to ring in the new year just the way they wanted! For me this year was extra special, my husband and I finally got to come home (just in time for our second wedding anniversary on December 30th) and we were able to spend NYE as our own little family. We had the lowest key NYE ever and cuddled up on the couch for a Harry Potter marathon (although we only made it through two movies) and a delicious crock pot meal!

Actual footage of me preparing for said movie marathon.

As you all well know, since I’ve mentioned it six billion times, in 2018 I made a resolution to step away from the types of books I’d been reading and try to read things totally out of my comfort zone. It’s maybe the first time I’ve really stuck to a resolution and boy was it satisfying! So I absolutely loved today’s T5W post about reading resolutions! My husband and I have also just started our Whole30 program for January because 2019 will be a happier and healthier year so things may be changed up a bit for my Recipe + Read posts this month. ANYWHO, onto the goals!


So, my goal for 2018 was generally just to stop reading the exact same type of book I had been reading over and over. After wasting money on a ton of DNFs and just generally getting myself stuck in a garbage reading hole I really wanted to challenge myself as a reader – and what better way to do that than going outside of your comfort zone and your go-to genres. So this year, I’d like to extend that resolution a bit and give a lot more attention to some reading material that has fallen by the wayside for me: Non-Fiction! I love world building and the imagination it takes to write fiction but there is so much fascinating information out there to learn about the world we already live in. Directly contradicting my fourth goal in this list – I’ve been adding some really great Non-Fiction reads to my TBR this week that I’m excited to pick up once I finish a few books I already have on loan from the library!


This one is pretty self explanatory. I’ve mentioned it before and I’m sure I’ll mention it again – my favorite posts are my paired recipe and read posts. They’ve been more difficult for me to iron out and implement with the transplant surgery and big upheavals in my life as they take a considerable amount of time to put together. However, they’re not just the basis of my blog but I genuinely enjoy doing them. The idea for this blog is one I’ve had for years and being able to actually follow through with this and see it received so well has been really uplifting and wonderful for me so I want to pour my love back into that aspect of the blog.



So I saw this pop up on quite a few of my fellow bloggers pages along with quite a few of my fellow GR friends. I HAD NO IDEA THIS EXISTED AND HOW FUN OHHHH MY GOD. So in the same vein of pushing myself to read things I wouldn’t normally, this challenge is a fun way to really expand your reading into areas you wouldn’t even think about. For example, on this years challenge, one of the prompts is “a book set in Scandinavia” – like, wait, what?? Not only am I pretty sure I don’t have anything like that in my TBR already, I never would’ve even thought to look that up! My “currently reading” on Goodreads is actually currently lying because I’ve been lazy AF (ok not true, I’ve been care taking and cleaning and laundering from weeks living out of a suitcase but you get the point). HOWEVER, I am checking off some boxes because I decided to start this year by *swooning* and am currently starting the Outlander series. If you’re interested in the Popsugar prompts they can be found here!


Myself, trying to help myself, get out of my self induced TBR downing but only making it worse.

This year, through my blog I also started participating in “Down The TBR Hole” which is a whenever you want meme. The premise is to pick 5-10 books (generally starting at the first book you added) and revisit it and decide if you want to keep it or toss it off your TBR list. This is not only a super fun meme, but a great way to reevaluate books you might’ve added but not actually be interested in. I am trigger happy with my TBR if we’re being honest and I add stuff to it all the time and end up not revisiting half of them and picking up books as I add them to my list. I’d really like to get my TBR under control


giphy (2)
My theme today, along with the rest of my life: dogs.

So I love podcasts, I love NPR, I love most talk radio if it’s something I’m interested in so WHY CAN I NOT FINISH AN AUDIO BOOK?! My husband loves audio books – he likes to listen to them while he does woodworking and what not but for the life of me I can’t get into them. I know that a lot of people say they fall asleep when reading but I have the opposite problem. I’ll stay up way too late reading just one more chapter because it gets my heart pumping with suspense, or a need to finish or any number of other reasons. However, whenever I start an audio book I almost immediately want to fall asleep. For some reason the audio book is my perfect lullaby. I think all mediums of reading are wonderful because if more people read, I truly believe the world would be a better place. I’m not a stickler for how or what others read as long as they are reading! So again, in my theme of broadening my scope, I’d love to finish a book in audio form!

Well, I think that’s nearly enough resolutions for one year! What are some reading resolutions you have for 2019? Did you have any you successfully met in 2018? Drop me a note in the comments and let me know!


30 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Reading Resolutions!”

  1. Great post! I’m planning on reading more non-fiction this year. Hope I get around to do it because I still want to keep reading my regular go-to genres so we’ll see haha. Hope your 2019 is going to be great!


  2. *perks up* I can get behind book resolutions thought I suck at carrying them out.. lol. Have a great reading year. I am looking forward to what non fiction books you are going to read..


  3. I no longer set reading goals, or do challenges as I never stick to them, or finish them as life always throws a curve ball. So this year I plan on just making more time to read, and leave it at that.

    Good luck on the challenges, and I’m so looking forward to more reviews and recipes.

    All the best for 2019!


  4. My only goal for reading this year is to read 52 books. If I succeed, I’ll pick up challenges like the Pop Sugar one next year!


  5. One of my resolutions is toning down on the ARCs and just enjoying the mood! Now going out of my comfort zone should be something I’d like doing … Good luck!


  6. I hope you enjoy Popsugar! There’s a group on GR if you’re interested or need ideas for prompts. I did it last year and enjoyed it, but planning to mood read more this year (I might change my mind later!)


  7. Good resolutions and fun post – so much energy. I love the dog images.
    Happy 2nd Anniversary.
    PopSugar sounds fun. I tried I Spy Challenge on Goodreads last year but I just didn’t take time to keep up with it.
    I have some general challenges, including Audio which I love! But I plan to do some mood reading this year from my massive TBR shelves.
    I read some inspiring NonFiction last year: Aspire was one.
    Hope you have a Happy New Year and great success with your resolutions.


  8. Good luck with your goals!
    I look forward to seeing more of your recipes & reviews 🙂

    That doggie with the headphones cracked me up. Couldn’t stop looking at it for like a minute 😀


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