Down the TBR Hole #4!

I've been in such a habit of only posting on Tuesday's-Thursday's that I realized Monday and Friday aren't getting the attention they deserve! Mostly it's probably because Monday's suck and Friday's I'm too excited about the weekend to get around to blogging. However, I thought today would be a great day to clean out the ol' TBR pile (especially since I've been adding to it). Down the TBR Hold was originally created by Lost in a Story and here's how it works:

Go to your Goodreads to-read shelf. --- Order on ascending date added. --- Take the first 5 (or 10 if you're feeling adventurous - but I never am) books. --- Read the synopses of the books. --- Decide: keep it or should it go?

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Top 3 Thursday: Book Club Recommendations!

Well y'all, I really think I'm finally and truly coming out of the book slump I got myself into and it's a very happy place to be. I'm almost finished with The Mother-In-Law by Sally Hepworth so keep an eye out for a Recipe and a Read post on publication day on the 23rd! This is a great one because I'm a little over halfway through and I've already got 4 recipes to choose from! Anyway, today I wanted to participate in Top 3 Thursday! This weekly meme is hosted by A Cozy Reader and this weeks topic is book club recommendations! Being a loud and proud member of both the Traveling Sisters and Traveling Friends groups on Goodreads, and really enjoying reading with my husband I've always been a big fan of book clubs and book discussions. It's such a fun way to relive a book you love, seeing it through someone else's eyes!

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Review: The Night Olivia Fell by Christina McDonald!

So I'm going to preface this review by saying it wont be one of my longer reviews. I don't know if it's my husband finishing up his PhD, getting older, the transplant surgery or what but I've been incredibly emotional these last few weeks, maybe longer. I'm on a hair trigger with tears - whether they're happy tears or sad tears I'm all over the place. My husband and I watched Netflix's new show Our Planet and I was fighting back tears the entire time. It's honestly ridiculous. The Night Olivia Fell has been high on my 2019 TBR since I first stumbled across it. However, from the moment I began the book it was an uphill battle for me to keep going because I found myself so emotional throughout the read. So, here's my best shot at putting all that into words.

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Top 5 Tuesday: Books I’m Sure Will Be 5 Stars!

First thing is first y'all! Game of Thrones is back for it's final season and I can barely handle myself. Honestly, the stress of worrying if this is going to turn into another Lost situation is real and I kind of wish I just had all the knowledge of how this was going to go instead of having to watch it week to week! Here's to hoping the freakin' pack survives. Anyway, I've recently finished The Night Olivia Fell by Christina McDonald and it's a doozie of an emotional read and it took me forever to get through because I was so invested. I'll have that review up for y'all this week! Today I wanted to participate in another round of Top 5 Tuesday! This is a weekly meme hosted by Bionic Book Worm and it's one of my favorites. This weeks topic is books you predict will be 5-star reads!

This one is a little dangerous for me if we're being honest because I have a bad habit of hyping books up in my head and then being a little let down when they don't live up to my lofty expectations. I'm very good at not romanticizing situations or placing too much importance on a given event. However, that doesn't stay true for reading. I'll see a book and the synopsis will grab me and then I'll read a few glowing reviews and hype it up so much in my head there's no where to go but down. But then there are the rare few books that end up exceeding my expectations, and isn't that the dream!

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Behind The Blogger Book Tag!

It's Thursday! That means that a) tomorrow is Friday, so the weekend is about to start and b) my best friend is flying in from Spain this evening! This really is the week that keeps on giving y'all and my ride on cloud nine continues! I couldn't decide what kind of post I wanted to do today, whether a meme or a "Thoughtful Thursday" post or just skip it all together. But then I remembered Ashley, of Ashes Books & Bobs tagged me in a great post a few weeks ago and I totally forgot to do it! So first and foremost, thanks so much to Ashley for the tag and if y'all haven't checked out her blog you totally should - there's some really amazing stuff over there!

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Review: The Power by Naomi Alderman!

Well, first things first y'all: my husband passed his PhD defense yesterday!!! Basically, all that's left is his defense which is mostly a formality. He's working on getting his interview in New Mexico scheduled, then we'll start visiting and house hunting. We are on actual cloud nine right now. This program has been so immensely stressful and it's incredible to be on the other side of the last major hurdle he has to jump before he gets his degree. OK, well enough fan girling over my husband and onto today's read! Our review is for The Power by Naomi Alderman!

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Top 5 Tuesday: Books I’m Amped To Read!

Howdy y'all! It's been a whirlwind few days for me and with my husbands PhD proposal taking place today my life has been a mess to say the least! Not only that but again I'm having issues finding the motivation to read. On the bright side though, my husband and I have just gotten into The West Wing and it's amazing! I don't know what it is but I absolutely love DC and pretty much everything set there so it's been fun. HOWEVER, this is not a TV blog it's a book blog. So today there isn't actually a Top 5 Tuesday topic so I thought I'd wing it and talk about some books I'm really excited to read.

So, thinking back to last year when I got myself into a giant book slump I thought it's high time I toss out these books that I've been trying to read for ages and shake things up with different types of books. This worked out really well for me last year so here's to hoping this fixes my issue of not vibing with reading recently!

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